EGR - Materials for ALL Secondary Disciplines


As experienced and successful professionals with expertise in diverse areas of multidisciplinary instruction, EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! authors willingly share their innovative approaches to teaching and their personally-developed intellectual properties with other educators via the Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) website.  By using our materials, students better understand and connect what they are learning in the classroom with the expectations of higher education and the ever-changing demands of the "Real World."

EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! (EGR) was launched on January 1, 2006, an educational company established by teachers and other professionals. EGR team members have many years of combined professional experience and expertise as teachers, professors, and business executives instructing students and employees in these areas:  Economics, Entrepreneurship, Information Technology, Desktop Publishing, Finance, Language Arts, Marketing, Business, Web Design, Communications, Special Education, Physical Education, and Mathematics & Statistics.


  • Digital resources are available in our store on Teachers Pay Teachers and may be purchased as BUNDLES or as individual components/chapters/worksheets/etc.
  • Resources are AFFORDABLE, copyrighted, all-inclusive, and provide teachers with EVERYTHING they need for successful instruction.
  • Materials save teachers TIME, hours of WORK, and thousands of $$$$'s -- the work has already been done by experienced teachers (EGR authors) and most are interdisciplinary/integrated.
  • Authorized users may reproduce rubrics, hand-outs, etc. from EGR resources for their classroom needs ONLY.
  • Provides educators in different parts of the country with current and relevant instructional materials -- NO TEXTBOOKS.
  • Creates "Real World" connections between curriculum areas and disciplines by building communication links to benefit students.