The EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! (EGR) managing partners have successful classroom experience in staff development and in teaching: Secondary -- grades 7-12;  and Post-secondary -- business/technical college, adult education, community college, and on the university level (teaching undergraduate and graduate courses). The EGR partners have received awards and have been recognized for their outstanding leadership and curriculum development by their peers, administration, and the business community on the local, state, and national level.



gloria henderson Gloria is a Colorado teacher who has taught numerous business courses at the secondary level (accounting, business finance, keyboarding, business law, computers, entrepreneurship, etc.) and at the  post-secondary level (accounting courses).  She  has incorporated interdisciplinary instruction using the business entrepreneurial approach in her economics classes.  Gloria facilitated over 40 student business enterprises within the classes whereby students organized, operated, and liquidated a student company offering them a "real world" approach to learning.  She has been honored by Junior Achievement (JA) for her work in economics and her participation in the organization, receiving national awards and commendations.  

Gloria's students have participated in numerous activities such as the JA Sponsored Golf Classic, Colorado Business Hall of Fame, Denver Distinguished Lecture Series, the JA Student Ambassador Program, and they have received the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award.  She engaged her students in an international student exchange with Mexico City, and she served as an advisor of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) chapters in several secondary schools. Gloria has co-authored three EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! instructional digital materials for teachers on the Teachers Pay Teachers website, and she is the author of Financial Literacy - "The Money Trail" and several History materials.  Gloria received her Bachelors of Science degree in Business Teacher Education and Economics from the University of Nebraska, and her Master of Science Degree in Education from Leslie University in Cambridge, MA.  Gloria is the EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! Chief Financial Officer, a business principal, and a teacher trainer.



Karen is a Colorado teacher and the originator/creator of EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! She is a secondary teacher and has taught business courses (computers, entrepreneurship, accounting, keyboarding, business law, journalism, etc.), computer programming, and English/Language Arts with an emphasis on interdisciplinary & integrated instruction and team teaching.  Karen taught entrepreneurial courses whereby her students created/operated/liquidated several in-school student businesses, established and managed school stores, and engaged in three different international student exchanges with Belfast, N. Ireland.  

Karen has served on and chaired several integrated learning curriculum development writing teams in her school district, and she has extensive team-teaching experience in the areas of English/ELA, Business, Computer Science, and Journalism. She has given several presentations on the subject of integration/interdisciplinary teaching. Karen has been a Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) advisor for many years in several secondary schools.  

Karen has received numerous awards and commendations for her years of service to education, and was selected teacher of the year in four different secondary schools in Colorado.  She has authored and co-authored seven EGR teacher instructional digital materials for Teachers Pay Teachers, and she is the EGR desktop publisher and graphic designer for all publications and the website.  Karen received a Bachelors of Science degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Business Education (minor in English), a Master of Science Degree in Computer Education from Leslie University in Cambridge, MA, and she has many post-graduate hours of study in the areas of computers and business.  Karen is the EDUCATION: GET REAL!!! Chief Executive Officer, a business principal, a teacher trainer, a desktop publisher, and the EGR website administrator. 

TOGETHER, Gloria and Karen are proponents of interdisciplinary instruction and believe in empowering students with 21st Century Skills in the area of entrepreneurship and business ownership (in school and beyond).  As an entrepreneurship team, they have facilitated over 75 student-operated in-school businesses in a capstone course for secondary students. Teachers interested in teaching entrepreneurship coursework need to visit EGR on the Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) website.  Teachers will also find a large variety of other instructional materials and tools in a variety of curriculum areas in our store on the TPT website.  These materials have been successfully implemented in classrooms of outstanding teachers throughout the United States - experienced educational experts who have partnered up with EGR to willingly share their intellectual properties with YOU! 

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